Antiscale Filter System 10"

    Prevents scale build-up.
    Reduces the build-up of sediment in pipes.

    Antiscalant, corrosion inhibitor with its ability to create passivity film on the surface of distribution pipe.

    Helps reduce corrosion in geysers and appliances.

    • 10" Filter Housing
    • 10" Empty Cartridge
    • Clarafos or Aquafos Crystals (Polyphosphate) (2KG)
    Can treat up to 200,000 litres of water.

    6 BAR maximum pressure, 4 BAR recommend maximum, no minimum pressure needed.

    Housing wrench included.

    Wall mounting bracket included (not shown in image).

    *Note: Clear housings promote growth of bacteria and algae.

    • Item Code: ASF10

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