Aqua-X (1KG)

Biological Cleaner for Fish & Prawn Farms.

Aqua-X is designed to break down dead algae, fish excretes, excess feeds, bottom sediments and slimes in culture ponds, as well as build and maintain a healthy ecological environment in larger bodies of water as in aqua-culture. Each gram contains approximately 10 billion selected microbes and multiple hydrolytic enzymes, which occur naturally and are completely environmentally safe. It has a major advantage over previously produced products in that it is complimentary to the decomposition of organic waste without any of the undesirable side effects.

It is primarily used in prawn farming, eel and fish cultivation.


  • Keeps pond water clear
  • Promotes growth and increases survival rate of fish, prawns or eels
  • Eliminates foul odours
  • Eliminates ammonia, nitrite, malodours and toxic hydrogen
  • No undesirable side effects
  • Dry powder formulation is easier to handle and has a longer shelf life


  • Perfect for fish farms that farm fish, prawns or eels.
  • Reduces gasses (carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide etc) uses up energy sources to increase Bacterial Biomass
  • To the Aqua Culturist this means an increase in decomposition rate, reduced gasses resulting in more effective utilisation of capital resource and a healthy, cleaner environment.
  • Decomposing cycle converts Ammonia nitrates and nitrites, leading to atmospheric nitrogen.
  • Reduces gasses (carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide) and uses up energy sources to increase bacterial biomass.

Technical information

Fine granules that are dissolvable in water. Highly concentrated but safe for human skin contact.


Enzymes: Lipase, protease, amylase, hermicellulase and lactaseMicrobes: Bacillus subtilis, cellulomonas, nitrosomonas, nitrobacter and aerobacter

pH stabilisers

pH factor: 5 – 9,3

Temperature range: 20-35° C

Inactivated by: Heavy metals, cyanide, fluorides, phenols

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