Aquel Mini Tap Filter

Hangs off tap. Low flow rate.
With the help of a filter cartridge composed of activated carbon and calcium sulphate, it effectively removes chlorine and all its compounds from the flowing water, as well as undesirable tastes and odours, pesticides and other undesirable substances unsuitable for the human body.

The filter cartridge is also antibacterial.

Technical data:
Size: 130 × 70 × 112 mm
Weight: 360 g
Suitable temperature: 8–38 ° C
Filter element: FF10UF Activated carbon with Calcium Sulfite
Flow: 2 L / min.

Includes several fittings for threaded and non-threaded taps.

Has a bypass.

* Please note if you exceed the flow rate of 2L/minute effectiveness will be reduced.

Depending on usage we recommend changing the filter every 3-6 months.

  • Item Code: TAPF

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