Bio-enzyme based accelerators.
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Speeds of decomposition of animal carcasses.
Compost Accelerator 1KG
Bio-enzymes to accelerate compost prodution process.
Decombuster (1KG) (SANDCG1)
Decombuster Granules are fully degradable and enhance the performance of mortality pits and sewage disposal systems by speeding up decomposition of animal carcasses.

The capacity of the pit is increased along with the life of the pit. 

It does not contribute to the pollution of water and it contains no phenols or phosphates.


Brown powder that can be mixed in water. Highly concentrated but safe for human skin contact.

Temperature range: Min. 10 – 50 °C

Effective pH range: 4.5 – 9.5

Chemicals: Inactivated by acids, caustics or phenols

Dry shelf life: 24 months

Storage: Cool dry place: < 38 °C


Enzymes: Lipase, protease, amylase, hermicellulase

Microbes: Nitrosomonas sp , Nitrobacter sp Aerobacter sp Bacillus subtilis, cellulomonas pH stabilisers, pollard.


Under standard conditions 1 cell will divide into 2 identical cells every 30 minutes. Within 24 hours one single cell can multiply to millions of waste digesting cells.


Chicken Mortality Pits: Use one teaspoon of enzyme per chicken and add to a container of water large enough to dip the carcass into. Wait 30 minutes for the microbes to reproduce and then submerge each carcass under the water and toss into the mortality pit. Stir the mixture frequently and pour the remainder into the pit.


DecombusterTM enzymes will increase the degradation time from 2 kg of wet flesh per day per cubic meter, to 8 kg wet flesh per cubic meters per day.


18 months in a cool, dry place


1kg bucket

Speeds of decomposition of animal carcasses.
Compost Accelerator 1KG
Compost Accelerator (1KG) (SANCA1)
Compost Accelerator is a concentrated formula of valuable microbes and enzymes.

Each gram contains approximately 10 billion selected microbes and multiple hydrolic enzymes. Compost Accelerator is completely environmentally safe.

Compost accelerator is very helpful for producing good quality compost, because it can decompose organic materials very efficiently and produce nutrients for other microbes like high temperature microbes, and can also inhibit pathogens

The product is non-toxic and works by releasing powerful enzymes and bacteria to feed on the decaying vegetable and plant matter.


A basic dosage rate of 100 grams per cubic meter is suggested for household garden applications. Larger agricultural applications can be reduced to around 50 grams per cubic meter.


– 1kg bucket


12 months. Keep in a cool, dry place.

Bio-enzymes to accelerate compost prodution process.
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