Biologix Biopit Sachet

Remediation treatment for pit latrines.


The product is for the remediation of neglected pit-latrines and for the ongoing maintenance of biological activity in pit latrines.


Add 1 sachet weekly as a maintenance dose. Prevent the addition of non-biodegradable materials such as plastics and other wastes into the pit- latrine. Prevent the addition of harsh detergents that are biocidal (kill the good bacteria), as this will prevent the product from working optimally. Mild detergents can be used in limited amounts to clean above ground toilets. Do not add harsh acids or bases as this will kill the bacteria. All the ingredients for effective bioremediation are included in the product. EFFECT:

The bacteria and formulated ingredients in the products will reduce wastes such as NH3, Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphate, COD and BOD. With this you should also see an improvement in odour control. The product will also liquefy solids and reduce the leaching of the pit latrine water into the ground water. This is all done biologically using proprietary micro-organisms formulated to work optimally in these systems.

Use of the product correctly will have the following benefits:-

  1. Bioremediation of the waste.
  2. Less tendency for waste to leach to ground water and cause contamination.
  3. Less odour.
  4. Less growth and transfer of pathogenic disease causing organisms.
  5. Reduced environmental pollution.
  6. Prolonged pit-latrine life. Even when the pit is full, the water and solids pose less of a risk as the waste has been cleaned up.
  7. Improvement in the dignity and quality of life of those using the pit toilet.
  8. With the solids being liquefied and then digested there is less propensity for flies.

Why support local bio-manufacture:

The current status of this industry is based on imported product that sometimes does not meet specification, which is further down-formulated and then sold to rural communities or local municipalities by agents/traders. This is done through tenders, which have their own set of complications. At the end of the day the users/government agencies pay too much and do not see the effect. So there is a lot of scepticism because of the way these products are traded and there is furthermore no national specification. We have made a local product, which is of high specification and in so doing can be competitive. Our manufacturing technology also creates local jobs and assists with the trade deficit, while addressing key national priorities of socio-economic improvement and sustainable environmental preservation. Furthermore, there is an education component that goes with the use of biological products, which is often ignored. This initiative is in support of the draft DST Bio-economy strategy and IPAP2 of the DTI. We can make a difference to the people of South Africa and our African continent. Most importantly the end users can be assured of a quality product that will improve sanitation circumstances and their quality of life.

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