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Complete Fly Control Treatment.


was formed in 2008, as an off shoot of Sannitree International CC, the leading blender and distributor of enzyme based products for the breaking down of Organic Waste in the world, exporting to some 29 countries world wide.

It was our experience, while supplying our many customers, comprising chicken farms, restaurants, stables, piggeries, in fact industries across the board, where the one problem they had in common, was FLIES.

The breakthrough came when we managed to sourse a Larvacide which was not detrimental to the enzymes and bacteria used in the mix to treat pit toilets where we could now reduce the fly problem as well as break down the excrement in the Pit.

Naturally, the business mushroomed within a few months and it was decided to hive it off as a separate entity, with the support of the entire agents network of Sannitree International CC.

We now have a fully fledged service team to cater for the eradication of the scourge, from the egg ( larva stage) to the adult fly that spreads terrible fly borne diseases as you will see from the content of this site.

We understand that flies don't only breed in the Cape Town Metropolitan Municipal area, so for the convenience of those of you further afield, have launched an easy to use, mail order DIY pack, so that you too may benefit from our outstanding, revolutionary solution to the fly epidemic.

 - Odour free lavacide

 have now developed a World First Uniquely Effective Product which destroys flieswhilst at the same time neutralising bad odours.

For the first time we have been able source an enzyme based product, which is compatible with a non hazardous insecticide.

As will be observed from the Data Sheets the product mix is completely non hazardous to both animals and humans.

For the home owner, the 1lt bottle provided in the DIY kit, should be filled with water & thoroughly mixed with the larvacide contained therein, and applied, using the spray nozzle, to areas where flies may breed, typically the interior of the wheelie bin, compost heap etc.
For wider commercial use, the product may be applied using a spray, to any area where flies breed, particularly rubbish tips, stagnant pools, sewage plants, solid waste depots etc.


1. Inspect the site thoroughly for signs of fly activity – these will manifest themselves in the form of fly spots particularly on the ceiling, electric light fittings and so on.

2. Once the landing/settling area has been identified, mix the powder product provided, with 40ml of water in the container using the measure and container provided, ensuring a smooth liquid mixture.

3. Use the paint brush to apply the mix to the areas identified – typically the inside & outside of window frames, doorframes, electric light fittings, top of wheelie bin etc. randomly, in stripes of 30 – 40cm. It is not necessary to paint the entire window or door frame.

4. The “fly board” may be attached to the wall above the bin & painted with a cross to provide an additional attraction for the fly.

5. Use your dust pan and brush to sweep up the multitude of dead flies.


We can’t stop the flies from getting in, but we can eliminate the scourge once they are in.



I.S.O.: CA1616SA


Lipase, protease, amylase, hermicellulase pH stabilisers

Chemical Insecticide:

CGA 72662 cyromazine

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