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Chlorine Dispensers

Chlorine based sterilization products.
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Klorman Unit
In-Line Chlorine Dispenser. Kills bacteria and viruses.
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Long-life Chlorine in-tank dispenser, kills bacteria and viruses.
Klorman Unit
Klorman In-Line Chlorination Unit (KT)
The ultimate in simple and affordable Disinfection and Sanitation.

Klorman is a durable, compact, east to use chlorine dispenser that is specifically designed to deliver Hypochlor (Calcium Hypochlorite).

The Klorman unit is adjustable, and can be used in applications ranging from high water volume / low chlorine concentrations, to low volume / high chlorine concentrations.
The Klorman system is registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Australian NRA and others.
KLORMAN is ideal for use in:
  • Post Harvest Protection.
  • Greenhouses.
  • Meat / Fish Sanitation.
  • Abattoirs.
  • Kennels.
  • Piggeries.
  • Public Health Applications.
  • Hospitals.
  • Environmental Hygiene.
  • Drinking Water Applications.
  • Borehole Water Treatment.
  • Dam and River Water Treatment.
  • and others...


  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Easy to adjust and control chlorine levels.
  • Uses Calcium Hypochlorite cartridges.
  • 10,000lt per cartridge at 50ppm.

Cartridge NOT included and must be purchased separately!

Note: You have to construct the bypass system as shown in the additional image in order to make the system adjustable, connecting the system directly will over-chlorinate in most situations.

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In-Line Chlorine Dispenser. Kills bacteria and viruses.
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Water Tank Chlorine Dispenser (2 Pack) (WTD)

Kills bacteria and viruses in water tanks.

TANK DISPENSERS protect against common water-bourne bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Each dispenser contains sufficient disinfectant to treat a water volume of up to 40,000 litres (at 1 part-per-million in chlorine residual).

NOTE: This may vary due to temperature/season, raw-water quality and water flow/consumption.

TANK SIZE: For tanks up to 5,000 litres use 1 dispenser. For larger tanks (up to 7500 litres) use 2 or more dispensers.

For larger tanks we recommend the use of IN-LINE dispensing devices (such as the Klorman).

WATER TESTING: To maintain necessary disinfectant levels, use low-level chlorine test strips, or alternatively any ordinary swimming pool chlorine test kit.

  1. Remove dispenser from plastic pouch and unwind the anchor-cord.
  2. To adjust, turn dispenser upside down and tear off labels 1-3 to expose the desired number of apertures.
  3. DISPENSER DOES NOT FLOAT. Secure retrieval-cord around an external anchor-point on tank BEFORE releasing the dispenser into water. For optimal results ALWAYS suspend dispensers directly below the incoming water flow, approximately 10cm below the water surface.
  4. It is useful to install a sampling valve at the reservoir exit-point to enable testing. To test, open the sampling valve and run water for 5 seconds before taking water sample.
    Carefully follow use-directions applicable to the test-kit or test method used.
  5. Disposal: Ensure contents are completely spent before disposal. Rinse thoroughly before disposal.

Long-life Chlorine in-tank dispenser, kills bacteria and viruses.
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