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SEAL Water Tech Company Profile


SEAL Water Tech was formed in 2009 and is a company dedicated to water purification technologies within South Africa and neighbouring countries.
SEAL Water Tech supplies affordable water purification products and equipment for both domestic and industrial purification.

Owners Joan Hibbert, Milly Larkin and Aubrey Jacobs are a well connected, highly motivated team committed to providing safe water to all communities.

Joan Hibbert -  Financial Manager


Milly Larkin  -  Business Member

Both Joan and Milly have over 30 years in the Financial and Management field under their belt, with Joan having completed her studies in Banking with the University of South Africa in 2008.

They became involved in the water industry when they saw the many challenges in the Eastern Cape in connection with providing safe, clean water.

Aubrey Jacobs - Business Manager

Aubrey is a successful businessman and owner of a number of business operations in the Eastern Cape. With one of his enterprises being the construction of swimming pools.  He fully appreciates the value of making safe water available to households and businesses and has successfully installed a number of water purification equipment to both domestic and industrial clients. 

Some of the water purification equipment installations can be viewed under the photo section of our website.



SEAL Water Tech is committed and able to apply water engineering excellence in meeting client needs.



The SEAL Water Tech team courageously aspires to meet the many and varied challenges in the water industry applying a multi faceted approach to ensure that:

  1. At a basic level: water sanitation becomes widely achievable where water may be drawn from polluted river sources,
  2. In the domestic setting: clean, safe water is both available and affordable, where the quality of municipal water to households may have deteriorated.
  3. In the agricultural field:  treatment plants be designed to specification since thousands of boreholes deliver contaminated water.
  4. In industrial application: specially designed plants be supplied where poor quality water affects product manufacture.

Our company profile can be downloaded below:

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