Coupons & Vouchers

Information about online coupons and vouchers.


Coupons allow you to receive additional discounts on products or your entire order, coupons have limited uses and may only apply to certain products. More information will be provided when the coupon is issued.

Unless stated otherwise coupons;

  • are available only for a specified time.
  • are available only for specified products.
  • have limited uses per customer (usually once off).
  • may apply discounts to your order by way of a percentage or fixed amount.
  • may only apply to certain products.
  • may entitle you to free shipping or delivery.
  • are available to anyone provided conditions are met for that coupon.

Only one coupon code can be used per order/cart.

Most coupon codes require you to be logged in (that you have an account with us and are logged into it), if you do not have an account one can be created for you on-line instantly for free, just click register/login. This is only to ensure one use per customer. Coupons may not be applicable when trying to apply them to your shopping cart without being logged in or when using the Guest Checkout.



Vouchers are usually gifted, either by us, anonymously or by someone you know. Vouchers entitle you to an amount of credit which can be used multiple times while there is a positive balance on the voucher. While a voucher is issued to you directly, you may give the code to someone else to use.


  • have a fixed amount in ZAR (Rands).
  • are issued directly to you and delivered via Email.
  • never expire while they have a positive balance.
  • may not be converted to Cash or refunded into Currency unless the voucher was created from Cash or Currency and a special procedure is followed (contact us for more on this).

You also have the option to buy Gift Certificates for others, once logged in there will be an option in the account area, complete the information and the gift voucher (or gift certificate) will be added to your shopping cart and you can pay for it when checking out. After payment is confirmed the voucher will be emailed automatically to the recipient.


How to use Coupons Codes and Vouchers.

In order to redeem a coupon code or voucher code it has to be applied to your shopping cart before checking out.

To redeem coupons and vouchers, follow the steps bellow;

  1. Add applicable products to your shopping cart.
  2. Go to your shopping cart.
  3. Select the option to either "Use Coupon Code" or "Use Gift Voucher".
  4. Enter the code and click Apply.
  5. If successful the discount will be shown in the cart. (Please note for free shipping coupons you will only see the discount before confirming your order on the checkout page.)

If you need help or experience problems feel free to contact us.


NOTE: Coupons and Vouchers are available for online purchases only and are not available in stores.