Water Dispenser Accessories such as cup holders and replacement taps.

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12lt Filter Bottle Dual
Filter Bottle for Water Dispensers 12LT Dual Filters (FB002)

Save by refilling your dispenser with municipal tap water, the filtered water bottle filters your municipal water by removing up to 95% of chlorine, sediment and heavy metals leaving you with pure water.

  • Multi-Stage Filtration.
  • Reduces Chlorine & Heavy Metals.
  • Eliminates Odours & Improves Taste.
  • Save money by not buying purified water.

Capacity: 12Lt can purify 3.5 lt per hour.

Filters last for 10,000 Litres or 10 Months depending on water quality.

Should only be used on safe-to-drink municipal tap water.

Note: The bottle is a two-piece and once the bottom section is filled with purified water you must not add more water to the top section until the bottom level is lowered otherwise it will leak.

Use tap water in your dispenser instead of having bottles refilled.
Bottle Cap Non Spill
Dispenser Bottle Cap (BOT-CAP1)
with Non-Spill Hygienic Seal.

For use on Standard 18.9L Water Dispenser Bottles.

*May differ slightly to image.
Replacement Filter for FB Filter Bottle (FBF)

Replacement filter for the Snomaster FB Filter Bottle.

Reduces Chlorine and heavy metals, improves odour and taste.
Cup Holder for Dispenser
Cup Dispenser Magnetic (White) for Water Dispenser (DISP-CUP)

Magnetic Cup Dispenser.

For use with water dispensers.

Dispenses paper or plastic cups.

Cups not included.

Dispenser Bottle
Standard Dispenser Bottle (BOT-STD)

Standard 18.9LT Dispenser Bottle.

Fits most dispensers.

The actual bottle colour may differ due to multiple suppliers, some are darker blue.

We fill it up for FREE on purchase if you collect from one of our branches.

Includes water if collected at a branch.
Aqua Valve
Aqua Valve for Dispenser Bottle (AV001)
The aqua valve is fitted to the top of the Standard 19L Dispenser Bottle, the bottle has to then be placed in a cradle or at an angle to allow gravity to assist when dispensing water.

The valve has a trigger-like button which dispenses water from the bottle without the need for a water dispenser.

*Cradle not included.
*Bottle not included.

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