Fatcracker Granules (1KG)

    Bio-Enzymes for Fat Trap and Grease Trap treatment.

    Digests fats in french drains and soakaways.

    Fatcracker Granules are specifically for kitchens that are on a septic tank system.In the day to day operations of a restaurant fat trap, a lot of fat can pass right through the fat trap and septic tank to clog up the soakaway or french drain system. Fatcracker Granules target this fat before it can become a problem.

    - Speeds up decomposition of fat deposits that accumulate in the soak pit 
    - Reduces odours in the soakaway or french drain system
    - Helps prevent the soak pit from blocking up 
    - Extends the life of soakaway or french drain system
    - Economical 
    - Easy to use 
    - Promotes well being of surrounding soil

    - Perfect for restaurants, kitchens, bakeries or butcheries  that are on a septic tank / fat trap system 
    - Perfect for drains or pipes that have fat build up that strangles the pipes 
    - Can be used in conjunction with Oxy-Gen-Ator for effluent dams

    It is best that a daily dosage takes place. Simply pour 30 grams into the outlet T-piece of the last compartment of the grease trap or septic tank. This ensures that the granules pass into the soakaway. Do not dose into the main chamber of the fat trap.

    12 months. Keep in a cool, dry place

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