Green Fire Igniter (Tube)

    Reusable fire lighters.


    The unique properties of our green firelighter is lack of odour, non toxic, being readily biodegradable are sought after for environmentally conscious people.

    We added a dash of fun with the bright colours ready for any occasion. The container is one of the key features because it seals tightly and can be stored any place.

    Our firelighter must reach a certain temperature before it will ignite. Because it has a wax base it can be stored without the fear of loosing its ability to ignite. It burns warmer and thus the reason to use less of our unique product.

    Perfect Corporate Gift

    To give a practical corporate gift is one of the best ways of sending a message to anyone.  It is the best way of creating a conversation on a social basis in a relaxed environment about your product or service.  This is also a innovative way to upsell to your clients.


    • Easy to use.
    • Burns warmer.
    • Very safe.
    • Low odour.
    • Non explosive.
    • Bio-degradable.
    • 8 Fires per container.
    • Non toxic.
    • Reusable.
    *Reusable means it can be extinguished and re-lit later.


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