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Installation Services

Available in East London and Port Elizabeth.

We provide installation services for equipment we sell for an additional fee.

Standard Installations

Standard installations include only the fittings and pipes that are supplied with the equipment and that we have access to the water supply pipes at the installation point, any additional fittings or services required to conduct the installation will incur additional charges.

Electrical Outlets

Some equipment such as the reverse osmosis units with a pump, UV sterilizers and others may require 220V electrical power, for these installations you are required to have an electrician install a plug point at the installation point or you may be able to use an extension cord to supply power to the equipment.


Please be advised that where installations require drilling through counters to install faucets or drilling through walls we can not drill through granite, marble or similar. These have to be drilled professionally by a specialist. In these cases we recommend installing your faucet in the sink. If drilling through a wall it would depend on the type of wall.

Please contact your nearest branch if you have any queries or require additional information.