JoJo Water Tank 750LT Slimline Rainwater

Rainwater Harvesting Tank Kit (No Pump).
Perfect for rainwater harvesting and water security, this streamlined compact design holds 750L of water and is ideally suited for urban areas where space is a consideration. Its ergonomic design ensures that it fits around corners and down narrow walkways of urban homes. For an ongoing water supply when there is a municipal water outage or burst water pipe, the 750L Slimline buffer tank is ideal. Install the tank in line with the mains water supply. During outages, the water stored in the tank becomes the emergency supply.

Standard fittings

  • An inlet / overflow with a 40 mm female thread.
  • A bottom outlet with a 40mm tank connector; fitted with a thumbscrew.
  • A sieve with a stainless steel mesh to keep out leaves and mosquitoes.
A black, child-safe clip-on lid to keep the dust out and to ensure that no algae grows in the tank.
A brass 20mm lockable tap strategically positioned to allow easy access to a watering can or a bucket.

Delivery only available within East London or Port Elizabeth.

Actual tank may differ slightly to image.
Weight is estimated.
We do not stock these tanks they are ordered only after we receive payment, delivery can take up to a week and is free.


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