• Klorman Unit

Klorman In-Line Chlorination Unit

In-Line Chlorine Dispenser. Kills bacteria and viruses.
The ultimate in simple and affordable Disinfection and Sanitation.

Klorman is a durable, compact, east to use chlorine dispenser that is specifically designed to deliver Hypochlor (Calcium Hypochlorite).

The Klorman unit is adjustable, and can be used in applications ranging from high water volume / low chlorine concentrations, to low volume / high chlorine concentrations.
The Klorman system is registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Australian NRA and others.
KLORMAN is ideal for use in:
  • Post Harvest Protection.
  • Greenhouses.
  • Meat / Fish Sanitation.
  • Abattoirs.
  • Kennels.
  • Piggeries.
  • Public Health Applications.
  • Hospitals.
  • Environmental Hygiene.
  • Drinking Water Applications.
  • Borehole Water Treatment.
  • Dam and River Water Treatment.
  • and others...


  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Easy to adjust and control chlorine levels.
  • Uses Calcium Hypochlorite cartridges.
  • 10,000lt per cartridge at 50ppm.

Cartridge NOT included and must be purchased separately!

Note: You have to construct the bypass system as shown in the additional image in order to make the system adjustable, connecting the system directly will over-chlorinate in most situations.

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