Odour Digestor Spray (250ml)

Digests odours instead of just masking them.

Eliminates all organic odours.

Odour Digestor is especially effective for eliminating foul organic odours and is effective because it does not simply mask the odour but it targets and digests the organic substance that causes the bad smell.

Odour Digestor is made from liquid enzymes. It does not contribute to pollution and it contains no phenols or phosphates.

- Eliminates foul odours at source
- Harmless to humans and animals
- Guaranteed to work
- Works on a wide range of odours
- Hygienic

Perfect for:
- Domestic use – refuse bins, vomit, urine and pet mess
- Food processing plants, especially fish
- Textiles – carpets, curtains and upholstery
- Old age homes

Application Conditions
The active ingredients in Odour Digestor are soluble in water.
Inactivated by: Heavy metals, cyanide, fluorides, phenols.

1. Households, hotels, old age homes, for spills such as milk, vomit or urine: First test a small area for colour tolerance. Spray the affected area with a liberal dose and wait for up to 24 hours for the odour to disappear. (Please note: a second application may be necessary for serious odours.)
2. For refuse bins and surrounding areas: First ensure that no harmful chemicals have been used prior to application. Rinse the area with water if necessary and spray liberally.
3. For food processing plants / fish factories: Remove as many solids as possible and then spray liberally using 1 litre per 10m² of surface area. A second application may be necessary for serious odours.
4. Spray liberally in the surrounding area of commercial & industrial urinals and toilets.

12 months. Keep in a cool, dry place out of sunlight.


Odour digestor is also available in larger quantities at reduced prices, contact us for bulk-ordering.

  • Item Code: SANOD250
  • Manufacturer: Sannitree


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