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Other fittings which do not fall under another category.
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Countertop No Thread Adapter
Countertop No Thread Adapter (CT-NTA)
Adapter with 1/2" Narrow Thread Male to No Thread.

Used with countertop diverter valve when tap has no thread.
Venturi for Ozone Injection 3/4" (OZ-VENT)
Highly efficient and compact differential pressure injection device.

Ozone Injection, fertilizer and chemical injection through drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.

A venturi is a device which creates a vacuum when fluid flows through it. The fluid which creates the vacuum is known as the motive fluid. The motive fluid for irrigation injectors is the irrigation water itself. Vacuum created by the venturi sucks fertilizer or chemical into motive water.

Should not be used in systems where water pressure exceeds 4 BARS.

3/4" Fittings.
Threaded Tap Adapter
Countertop Threaded Tap Adapter (CT-ADPT)
Adapter with 1/2" Narrow Male Thread which fits into the Counter Top Diverter Valve.

This is used for taps which have a female thread.

The rubber o-ring seal is usually black not clear as shown in the image.
diverter valve
Countertop Diverter Valve (CT-DV)
Diverter Valve for Countertop Purifiers

Fits onto existing tap, 8mm soft tubing is attached and runs to the countertop purifier.
Red Pressure Release Button (FH-PB)
There are two sizes, 10" and 20" which fit both Standard and Big Blue of the size.

They are used to release air pressure from filter cartridges.

Consists of a Plastic Cap, Spring and Screw with Rubber Washer.
1/4" Straight Connector Nipple (RO-NIP14)

1/4" Male Thread to 1/4" Male Thread Connector

Also called a Nipple or an RO Nipple.

Commonly used to join 1/4" filter housings.

** Current stock are the top ones with o-rings in the second picture and are made from nylon.

Please Note: The thread fittings are not outer diameter measurements, the outer diameter measurement for 1/4" is 12.9mm.

Float Switch
Float Switch Ball (NC) (FVSE)
Plastic ball float electric switch. The float is adjustable to allow you to control the water height.

Features & Specifications
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally.
  • Electric Switch (Normally Closed).
  • Can be inverted to work in Normally Open operation.
Suitable for use with Reverse Osmosis Systems, Fish Aquariums, etc
Float Switch.
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