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    Reverse Osmosis for Marine Aquarium with DI Resin

    Two stage RO with deionizer resin post filter for use with marine tanks.

    Reverse Osmosis is a process where water is demineralised using a semi permeable membrane at high pressure. Your normal filtration units will only reduce certain contaminants such as silt, rust, chlorine and bacteria (up to 96%). Reverse Osmosis machines will purify your water up to 99.9% or 0.001 microns, thus removing other dissolved contaminants like Colloid, lead, mercury, germs and other metals.


    Stage 1 : Polypropylene Cartridge – 5 Micron Superfine Filter – Removes solid particles & impurities i.e. silt & rust.

    Stage 2 : Granular Activated Carbon (UDF) Filter – Absorbs odours, chemicals & chlorine.

    Stage 3 : Reverse Osmoses Membrane – Removes up to 0.0001 microns colloid, metals, germs & bacteria.

    Stage 4 : DI Resin – Deionizer post filter to reduce TDS further.


    Operating Pressure: 50 - 100 psi (3.5 to 6.5 bar)

    If your water pressure is bellow 3.5 bar you will require an RO with a pump.
    If your water pressure is above 6 bar you will need a pressure reducing valve to keep your pressure within the operating pressure limits.


    This unit produces up to 50 Gallons or 190 litres every 24 hours (up to 130ml/minute).

    This unit does not include a pump, no electricity required.

    This unit does not include automatic shutoff, a tank or faucet, you get what is in the picture plus 1M of RO tubing and a ball valve and ball valve adapter to connect to the mains and a housing wrench.

    All options purchased include assembly onto the main unit where applicable.

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