Turf Pong 1L Spray

    Pet urine remover for artificial grass.

    You’ve laid artificial grass and it looks and feels great! When you installed it you were told cleaning it was simply a matter of hosing it down. But every time you turn the hose on it, the stench of dog urine seems to get worse, not better! You’ve probably tried a range of disinfectants and bactericides but nothing seems to work. Now the pong is so bad you’re considering ripping it up! STOP! Our miracle solution for artificial grass utilises a combination of enzymes AND bacteria that work together to first stop the smell in its tracks, then eliminate the cause so it doesn’t resurface!
    REMEMBER! If you’ve got dogs (or cats for that matter), urine smells on artificial grass or turf will be an ongoing problem. TurfPong is just the start of managing the problem. Read more about how it works below, then contact us to find out more about our innovative solutions for the every day management of pet urine smells on artificial grass.

    The Problem

    The pungent smell from pet urine on artificial grass or turf evolves from ammonia. When rinsing down your artificial turf, the ammonia mixes with the water and forms crystal encrustations which block the drainage holes of the turf. This is what makes the smell even worse. Disinfectants only mask the smells caused by these encrustations and so smells keep reoccurring after cleaning.

    How does TurfPong removes the urine smell?

    TurfPong is a powerful combination of ammonia-eliminating enzymes and odour-eating bacteria. While enzymes break down ammonia and ammonia crystals on contact, long-acting, odour-eating bacteria continue to replicate until the food supply from the ammonia is finally exhausted. Both the smell and the source are eliminated completely.
    Tips to help you manage the problem
    Spray a designated shady toilet area with a pheromones spray to encourage your pet to urinate in a specific area
    You can now easily identify the area requiring treatment before treating with TurfPong.
    Make sure that the levelling layer and drainage zone is free-flowing to avoid unnecessary crystallising of urine.
    Spray the rest of your artificial grass with Sannitree® Pet Repellent to discourage your pet from urinating elsewhere.
    Contact Sannitree® for other innovative solutions to help you manage pet urine smells on your artificial grass.


    NB: Apply after sundown.
    Spray the ready-to-use liquid liberally on the smelly spot.
    DO NOT spray in direct sunlight. (Note: Ammonia decomposition takes place over a few hours. We recommend that TurfPong is applied after sundown to allow maximum time for reaction.)
    Use as often needed.

    Artificial grass can reach very high temperatures. As enzyme products can have a reduced efficiency when the turf’s temperature exceeds 45C, pet urine smells may reoccur if the bacteria have not had a chance to completely digest the ammonia due to high temperatures. Bacteria will become active again after sundown or when temperatures cool.


    TurfPong is harmless to pets, people and the environment.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    If swallowed: drink large amounts of water or milk.
    Contact with eyes: rinse with water.


    Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This product will expire 2 years from time of opening.


    As conditions of use are beyond our control, no warranty is made on this product.

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