Superhead First Flush Rainwater Tank Diverter

Keep your rainwater tank clean.

The Superhead Rainwater tank filter first flush diverter prevents dirt, dust, leaves, insects, rodents and bird droppings from flowing directly into your rainwater tanks every time it rains. Easy to install and low maintenance...

Prevents dirt, dust, bird droppings, leaves, rodents and insects from being washed directly into your rainwater tanks every time it rains.

The Superhead Rainwater Tank Filter combines an adjustable first flush diverter with a leaf catcher and automatically filters and discards the polluted first rain keeping the water in your tanks clean and safe.

The Superhead rainwater tank filter is the only unit on the South African market that combines the first flush diverter, leaf screen and insect screen all into one unit without the use of any mechanical parts (ensuring that you never lose any rain due to a mechanical failure), making it cost effective, neat, compact and easy to install.

The Superhead is the only rain water tank filter system on the South African Market that combines a first flush diverter and leaf catcher/guard all into one unit without the use of any mechanical parts.  The system works perfectly every time.  Water will never be lost down the drain due to a mechanical failure.

Product Features:

  • Includes 80mm / 110mm adapters
  • First flush diverter
  • Adjustable drainage plug
  • Stainless steel leaf screen
  • Insect screen
  • Easy to install, low maintenance
  • Made from top quality UV protected PVC
  • Can be painted
  • 10 Year guarantee.
The Superhead rainwater filter rotates 360 degrees and can either be mounted directly to some water tanks or on the wall and  is suitable for both side and top inlet tanks.

Tank MountingsThe adjustable drainage plug which is attached to the bottom of the flush pipe is designed to slowly drain the dirty/polluted flush water.  This means that in the event of frequent rain, the system does not need to do a full flush every time, maximizing the amount of water that you collect in your tanks while ensuring that the water entering the tanks is clean.

Requirements and the flush volume:

  • It is recommended that you flush a minimum of 20L per 100sq/m of roof catchment area.
  • A standard installation is usually between 14L-20L depending on the rate of drainage, however this can be increased by installing more than one Superhead.
  • If you live close to trees or in an area where you are likely to have more pollution on the roof, then we would recommend that you install more than one Superhead, to increase the flush.

How It Works?

1. Polluted water is washed from the roof and gutters and enters the top of the Superhead

2. Leaves and large debris are filtered by the large leaf screen and simply fall off the screen.

3. The polluted water is automatically diverted through a one way funnel to the flush pipe

4. When the flush pipe is full, the roof will be cleaned.  The water coming off the roof is now clean and overflows into the tank.  Any small particles are trapped by the one way funnel.

5. A fine filter in the outlet pipe will filter any floating debris and prevent insects from entering the water tank.

6. The Polluted water slowly empties through the adjustable drain plug at the bottom.



  • Item Code: SH-01

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