Tannin Removal Filter Cartridge 20"

Colour Removal Resin Filter Cartridge

20" Standard Tannin Removal Filter Cartridge.

  • Reduces or removes colour from water caused by tannins.
  • Refillable.

This cartridge reduces flow rate and should not be used on in-line whole house systems.

NOTE: We have no experience with this filter and can't guarantee its effectiveness or lifespan, it is available for purchase as it has been requested in the past, we recommend having your water tested first and sending us the test results for us to determine if this filter will be suitable.

The media used in this filter is usually used in a vessel where it is regenerated and reused, the media in this filter can't be automatically regenerated so it will have to be replaced or regenerated manually.

*Cartridge may differ to image. 10" and 20" BB are also available on request.

  • Item Code: TAN20

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