Ultrafiltration Membrane for RO 4040 Housing

UF Membrane to fit in a standard RO 4040 housing.
This membrane will fit in a standard reverse osmosis size 4040 membrane housing.

These are rated at a flow rate of up to 1,000 LPH however this depends on the supply providing 3 BAR of pressure at 1,000 LPH and with adequate pre-filtration.

Recommended maximum 3 BAR.

Please note you cannot use the UF membrane on its own, pre-treatment is required just like with reverse osmosis.

Flow rate is maximum where adequate pre-treatment and supply is maintained.

Depending on how bad the water is you may need to backwash the UF membrane daily for a few minutes.

*Note on the RO 4040 housing you will use the side port for the clean water and put a ball valve on either end which stays closed and gets opened to backwash.

  • Item Code: UF-4040-RO

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