Ultrafiltration System 4040 Stainless Steel 4000LPH

Industrial Ultra-filtration membrane system. Removes particles larger than ~0.01um.
Industrial Ultra-filtration membrane system. Removes particles larger than approximately 0.01um. Requires pre-filtration or will block up quickly.

  • Maximum feed pressure ( Mpa ) 0.3
  • Admission Transmembrane Pressure ( MPa ) 0.3
  • Normal operation pressure ( MPa ) 0.1 ~ 0.3
  • Backwash pressure ( MPa ) 0.1
  • Ph value of feed water 2 – 10
  • Chlorine of feed water (mg/L) < 3
  • Operation mode Dead end or Cross-flow
  • Max operating temperature < 45°C
  • Membrane characteristics Hydrophilic Double Skin
  • Hollow-fiber membrane material Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Modified
  • MWCO (Dalton) 50,000
  • Membrane area (m2) 5
  • In & out water caliber of membrane module G 3/4”
  • Max Air Pressure for integrity test (MPa) 0.2
  • Flux (0.1MPa, 25° C) 4000 Liters /Hour
  • Material of Cartridge ABS
  • Weight of Cartridge with hollow fiber <15KG
  • Time to change cartridge 1-2 years
  • Material of cylinder housing Stainless Steel 304
  • Thickness of housing 1.5 mm

Note: These specs are tested under conditions of (1) stable water pressure (2) stable quality of feed water and Maintenance. Some of the performances may differ if not fulfilled the above conditions.

Clean water comes out the side port, either end is the inlet and the other end should be blocked off.

You cannot use UF without sufficient pre-filtration.

NOTE: These systems are rated at 4,000LPH however this depends on pre-treatment and having sufficient supply and pressure to provide 4,000LPH at 3BAR to the membrane, from our own experience without supplying 4,000LPH at 3BAR with adequate pre-filtration you will not receive this volume and may need more units in parallel configuration to achieve this.

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  • Item Code: UF-4040SS

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