UV Sterilizer 16W 6.5LPM 1/4"

Kills bacteria and viruses.
16W UV water Sterilizer for residential water disinfection.

  • Flow Rate: 6.5L/Min
  • Max Pressure: 5 BAR
  • Lamp Life >8000 Hours
  • LED and audible warning system if problem with bulb.
UV sterilizer adopts special design of high efficiency, high strength and long life ultraviolet lamp generator produces strong ultraviolet rays for water sterilization.
Water disinfection occurs when bacteria and viruses are irradiated by the UV light (wavelength 253.7nm) so their DNA and cell structure are destroyed, the cells cannot regenerate therefore the water is disinfected.
  • High Efficient Sterilization: sterilization of uv sterilizer on bacteria and viruses used in sterilization rate in 1-2 seconds to reach-99.9%
  • Broad-Spectrum: Broad-spectrum of UV sterilizers sterilization is the highest, It kills most bacteria and viruses.
  • No Pollution: UV sterilizers do not add any chemicals, therefore it has no secondary pollution for water and the surrounding environment and also will not change any components in water.
  • Safe, Reliable Operation: Traditional disinfection technologies such as chlorine or ozone, the part themselves are highly toxic, flammable substances, but UV sterilizers have no such risks.
  • Low Operation and Maintenance Cost: UV sterilizers are small, simple structures, with less investment, Low running costs, for thousands of tons of water, It costs only approximately half of chlorinated disinfection costs.
High efficient UVC lamp, Lamp life is estimated at more than 8,000 hours.
High transmittance, high-purity quartz sleeve, penetration rate of UV rays is guaranteed to above 90%.
High quality Stainless Steel Reactor Housing, special polishing for the inner wall of the reactor in order to improve the sterilization effect.

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  • Item Code: UVL16W

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