In-Line Whole Kitchen or High Volume Purifier with KDF

    Complete in-line purification unit with GAC/KDF. Suitable for whole kitchen use or high flow under counter application with PP+KDF+GAC.
    For use in high flow applications or whole kitchen use, under counter FRP vessel complete purification system with PP+KDF+GAC in one FRP vessel.


    1. Reduces chlorine, heavy metals and chemicals by up to 99%.
    2. Reduces sediment to 25um (option to add 10" pre-filter for sediment reduction to 5um).
    3. Improves odour and taste of water.
    4. Antibacterial algae-exclusive technology, and complete removal of algae living conditions.
    5. Four cross-filtration, thoroughly removes toxic and harmful substances.
    6. Quickly sealed joints inline design, installation more convenient and more secure.


    ValveManual Valve III
    Inlet WaterMunicipal Water
    Rating Flow ≤4L/minute
    Filtration Cartridge25 Micron PP
    KDF Ball10
    AC Powder1.2 KG
    Pressure Tank05*20
    Granular AC0.8 KG
    Working Pressure1.5 - 4 BAR (must install regulator if over 4 BAR)
    Water Temperature1 - 42° C
    Inlet & Outlet Pipe3/8 inch
    Net Weight4.6 KG
    Media Lifespan1-2 Years (depends on usage and water quality).

    Manual is included, below is an installation example diagram illustrating how multiple units can be connected together in series or parallel to improve flow rate and/or efficiency:

    *Product may differ slightly to images.

    • Item Code: FRPWKK

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