• Clinobrite 25KG
  • Clinobrite Zeolite

Clinobrite Zeolite 25KG

25KG of Clinobrite Zeolite.
Clinobrite is a natural zeolite and used as a direct substitute for outdated filter sand or glass in sediment filtration.
  • Removes 40-50% more physical dirt than old, outdated sand/glass systems.
  • Removes cysts of cryptosporidium.
  • Absorbs ammonia.
  • Absorbs and holds harmful heavy metals such as lead.
  • It can be regenerated and used over again.

Unlike ordinary filter sand, the surface of Clinobrite grains are not smooth. Clinobrite grains attract and trap extremely fine dirt particles and algae onto their surface and not just between the grains like ordinary sand. In practice, a Clinobrite filter can remove 40 - 50% more physical dirt than an outdated sand or glass filter. It can also filter out much smaller particle sizes than sand or glass. This greatly improves the clarity of your water and gives much longer service cycles between backwash operations. Clinobrite is even able to trap the tiny cysts of diarrhoea causing cryptosporidium which are becoming a health problem in municipal waters worldwide!

Also, unlike sand or glass filters, Clinobrite acts as a filter on the atomic scale by absorbing ammonium ions (NH4+) from water and this consequently eliminates algae. This is due to a powerful negative charge that exists within the Clinobrite structure that attracts positively charged cation contaminants such as ammonia and holds them within the Clinobrite structure.

More information is available on the Clinobrite website.

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