• Waterex Dispenser

Waterex Air to Water Dispenser

Makes pristine drinking water from the air! No water source required, no bottles, no refilling. Water is generated from the humidity in the air.



The WATEREX system is a new, state of the art water-generating machine that transforms the humidity in the air into pure drinking water by using the latest and most sophisticated technology, while using the minimum amount of electricity.

  • Needs no water source, water is generated from the humidity in the air.
  • No external pipes, No Bottles, No refilling of water.
  • Generates up to 20 litres per day or pristine water.
  • Multi-stage filtration ensuring your water is pure.
  • Storage tanks hold up to 15 litres of water.
  • Three faucets to dispense Hot, Cold and ambient temperatures.
  • Hot and/or Cold water can be switched off to save electricity if only ambient temperature is desired.
  • Energy saving sensors.

Production volume depends on humidity, less than 35% humidity and the unit will not produce water.

You also cannot dispense the full 15L of water in one sitting as a lot of it is in the bottom tank.


VoltageAC 200-240V up to 3.5 A
Operation Wattage1150 W (max while full operation)
Refrigerant (R22 or R407C)0.60 Kg
Temperature Range21°C - 45°C
Size (cm)39.5 x 39 x 110
Frequency50 or 60hz
Power Consumption495W (while producing)
Heating Wattage500W (can be switched off)
Storage Capacity15 litres
Water TemperatureHOT > 85°C COLD < 5°C
Working Humidity40% - 95%
Dimensions (LxWxH) CM37 x 41 x 109
Net Weight41.2 Kg
Noise Levelless than 35 db

Filters should be changed once a year, the unit will notify you when it is time to replace the filters.

*Actual filters may differ to what is shown in the second image, units do not include the reverse osmosis membrane.

We have estimated the cost to be ~90c/L based on electricity usage, average humidity along the coast and current kW rates without using cooling or heating functions.

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Please note: Units will be tested and flushed for 1-3 days to ensure units are producing pure pristine great tasting water prior to delivery.

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